Born better are they fuck, just some toffs with too much luck
Looking down from their golden throne, waiting for you to die alone

Upper class Tory scum, attacking you like a submachine gun
Leaving you with nothing left, it's noting less than fucking theft

Tourist attraction what a con, we've given in for far to long
Waiting patient on our knees, for another jubilee

Filthy rich, dirty money, when you fall they'll find it funny
They'll never know what it's like, doing all they can to stop a strike

CHORUS: They're holding us fucking back selling this blueblood crap
Destroying all we know, it's the Tory blue blood show

Take our money feed us scraps, plain to see theyre holding us back
Money needed for healthcare and schools, but we give in and act the fool

Private school, ponce in blue, we can all see right through you
Eccentric twat hiding behind that, when in power, all the walls will crack

Why do we do it? Why do we give in? Why do we give them anything?
A dead end tradition, plain to see. You can bow down but id rather be free

One rule for them, one rule for us, upper class in power, we can never trust
Don't you come near, stay away from me, Until your dead, we'll never be free

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