Given tales of aspirations, by big money grabbing corporations. Propaganda and the government lies, neatly packaged in a hidden surprise

Send the army and the boys in blue, security forces look at me and you. The media
backing them its a must, is there nobody that we can trust?

It doesn't matter who's in power, masters of slaves they will devour. Leaving us with no freedom of speech, sucking all we know like a leech.

They're changing the way we think
They're changing the way we act
They're changing the way we live
We need to grab and take our lives back

Extremists terrorists they call us now, protesters trapped in a prison cell. Emails
texts and all your calls, monitored under government rules

War, oil and innocent killed, a World Order theyre trying to build. There's no hope and there's no solution, except for a people revolution

Keeping us down keeping us quiet, fearing the worst fearing a riot. Class struggle and class divide, stick to their rules you must abide

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