Sitting in court wondering what's going on. He don’t know much, all he knows
it’s wrong. He holds on his chair as he’s given his fate. He’ll take 4 or 5 but he
could much as 8

He’s given 3 years and his life flashes before him. They say he’s a bad man
but we all know he’s a victim. He’s taken to his cell now he’s locked away.
For what he did they’re all gunna make him pay

He’s locked down it’s his first time away. He’s gotta be strong coz he’s here
to stay. He’s locked down and he’s all alone. His life's now letters
and the telephone

He can’t stop thinking of the ones he left behind. Life’s gunna change now
that he’s confined. One routine, everyday’s now the same. Keep your head
down son, just play the game

Fighting and drugs are now all around him. He starts reading books and going
to the gym. When he comes out he wants to be stronger. A new life begins his
old life no longer

Prison don't work it don't change a thing. Inmates out and they're straight
back in. There's no real trust and there's no support. Condemned forever
with a criminal report

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