There comes a time, a state of mind. To look at life and question why.
Survival exists through ignorance and bliss. And the process of change
is easy to resist

Through the glass the masses pass. Trying to forget, to live without regret.
Drown their sorrow with no thought of tomorrow. And don’t think twice
about injustice in life

CHORUS: A sense of apathy. State of complacency

Think this way don’t stray away. Don’t think much about what you can’t
touch. Distract yourself don’t tax yourself. Close your eyes, accept the lies

Change the channel, hide the fear. Make your conscience disappear.
Blind acceptance and misplaced faith. Blind acceptance in misplaced fate

A question of choice, dissenting voice. Is yours to choose or yours to lose?
If you see
the pain, again again. Take the strain to make a change


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